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Injecting Interests Into the Itinerary

Tuesday February 4, 2020

More on this later, but for now: This has been very helpful.

I click a little button in my computer’s desktop environment, and this window pops up. It is a shuffled, random selection of ten items from my most recently-updated Interests file. P stands for “Promising” and NP stands for “New and Promising” which basically means, “you’ve had some luck in mining energy from this interest recently, might as well keep trying to mine that vein.” It’s an integration of the idea of leveraging momentum. LT stands for “long-term interest” which is meant to help me dig for deeper significance in specific interests.

Momentum with…Figs? Well, it’s a work in progress. But to use that crazy item as an example: I like figs. Do I feel like a fig today? If it sounds good, maybe my lunch plan just got that much better. It’s a little thing which is sensory, maybe easy for me to ignore, and yet I find that I enjoy some of those little, easy, sensory comfort points. They make me feel more comfortable during a hard day. For this reason, it stays in the list.

It’s been fascinating to discover how easy it is to transition into and expand upon these interests when I open up this window. It’s easier and more interesting than aimlessly surfing the web, a fact which has been pretty amusing. Are others out there like me, just an interests-list away from a more fulfilling day?

(When I select an item and click OK, the interest is copied to the clipboard for use in my text editor. I don’t use that feature much but it’s an encouragement to expand on my journey with that particular interest, logging my progress.)

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