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Elon Musk Mars Announcement Thoughts

Tuesday September 27, 2016

  • This was interesting to me on a global politics level.
    • How does the Chinese government see this announcement?
      • We’ve got to get in this game.
        • Gather as much information as possible.
        • Encourage international involvement so that the machinations come closer to your own shores (e.g. Japan) for easier infiltration, influencing, etc.
        • Develop strategy for response to this. For example, the issue of ecological damage might be a great leverage point with which to influence international opinion.
      • We’ve got to prepare for any outcomes that can harm us
        • Technology development will be huge here. We will be out-developed.
    • How do other governments see this announcement?
      • A broad guess: Money.
        • Either losing it (to being out-competed in space technology—Russia)
        • Or gaining it (related services, expertise, etc.)
    • Mutually-assured destruction: Is it assured anymore, when you’ve got people living off-planet?
      • If it’s not assured, don’t we have a problem on our hands?
      • Example: The colony could be an off-world military asset.
      • How hard would it be for an adversary to wipe out a Mars colony? What would be necessary at the various stages of colony growth? And in return, how could the colony be hardened or made resistant to attack or infiltration?
  • Cognitively speaking this was also very interesting.
    • It’s like a Ni+Te dream story.
    • Musk is a great model for INTJs.
      • Dream it up with Ni (introverted intuition). Dream as big as you can!
      • Use Te (extraverted thinking) to measure the requirements and run the numbers.
      • Result: Probably something pretty great, even if it doesn’t match your original vision exactly.
    • Most INTJs will probably never reach half of their potential, if you express potential even as “one Musk unit” or something like that.
    • As an INTJ, I need to dream bigger.
    • And I also need to back that up with measurement, spreadsheets, assessments, new frameworks as needed, etc.
    • I don’t need to be Musk himself to be happy, but I’d be bummed if I didn’t reach for my maximum potential
      • Leveraging my own gifts of course, not necessarily Musk’s.

Anyway, a fascinating state of events.

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