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Letter of Inquiry to UAP Theory Team

Friday June 11, 2021

To: UAP Website Contact Form

Subject: Why is advanced engineering & civilization development necessary in the UAP behavior?

(Maybe I should have written “necessarily implied by,” instead of “necessary in the”…oh well)

Message Body


I really appreciate the work you’ve done to relate the UAP theory on your website. I am trying to understand it, and the examples and references, including the Youtube video showing a new depiction of a space-time grid, have been helpful so far.

I do have a question about this—reading about reactors and civilizations made me wonder about the fundamental requirements of such a theory, leading up to what we see as UAP behavior.

Is it not possible, maybe even probable, that the described UAP properties could result from naturally emergent behavior in a universe governed by these complex laws?

Is it really required that what we’d term as logic, reasoning, and even engineering power emerge simultaneously along with these movement characteristics, in the same creature or phenomenon?

To me the elimination of this higher-brain dependency would explain the meandering, mildly-curious, semi-random encounter characteristics of the various UAP sightings.

It would also model the broader aspects of the current UAP-human contact situation in which, rather than visiting mankind and explaining how the universe works, or even how to design better aircraft, the UAPs simply move and interact as if governed mainly by a situational instinct.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, sorry it’s such a long message.

Kind regards,

Marc Carson

That’s my message, sent today. What do you guys think? It’s a bit of a logical question about dependencies, in my mind. “Could these not just be animals” is one way to put it, but I wanted to include a bit more of my thinking, context, and of course compliment the creators on their website.

Fun stuff to think about!

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