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Another INTJ Navy Seal Spotted?

Tuesday December 21, 2021

Observationally speaking, I think what we might have here is another INTJ Navy SEAL.

And just to share, one thing that kills me about INTJs in the service: So many of them share these stories about how they gave a LITTLE too much without complaining.

Like having the armored top of your APC ripped off and dragged over the top of you as you sat in the cupola, obliterating your hip bones, and then being told to sit around camp and “recuperate” without any special medical attention, and then…doing that.

I haven’t heard any of that from this particular SEAL yet, but there are other really key signs of introversion in the anecdotes he relates.

Interesting stuff! I think our Fi-Se side is a natural fit for the special ops mindset, whether simpleton wargame hobbyists like moi or those who went and joined up.

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