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Well Hello There: Various Things. Feelings, Music, Fidelity, INTJ Musicians

Tuesday December 22, 2020

I’m watching my kids for a while this afternoon, so I thought I’d blog about some stuff that’s been new here, while I’m otherwise just sitting on the couch.

Feels First, man I cannot believe how much venting, processing, and boundary-setting I’ve been doing lately. PHEW. Every little bit has helped. I mention this mostly because I never did this before, and then I tried it and it was new, and weird, and annoying, and then gradually it just started to work.

You ever feel burdened by that nasty trick with Fi where you meet somebody, even or especially if they’re nice, and you’re thinking deep down inside, “they bug me, I don’t like them?” Come on, I know you do. (If not, kindly play along)

What I find is that it helps if I can vent about it ASAP. Write it down, shout it, sing it, whatever works.

And instead of reinforcing the problem, what this does is, it helps me get back to business (sometimes you gotta work with people and you don’t know them yet, and those feelings can be troublesome) and stop being such a grump. It works well.

What else? Let’s see, I almost randomly started a Youtube channel, but then…while there’s a lot I really love about Youtube, there’s also a lot I don’t like about Youtube for creators, so I started to look around. Do you guys have any alternative video sharing platforms you like? Content type would be: Randomness, but maybe fun or informational randomness. Or interdimensional randomness. Let me know, email’s in the sidebar.

Music has been fun recently too. I have been playing the keys on breaks. It feels really good. I suck, but it feels good.

My little hobby collection of keyboards continues to grow, and while I didn’t anticipate this, it’s not been half bad. Due to a crazy-low auction bid that was accepted (followed by my shipping + “handling fee” shock), I think I’m at six keyboards now? Seven maybe? lmao. Nothing fancy. It’s a lot of fun to take care of my little collection though. Last week I brought out a couple of keyboards and my son brought out his drumming gear, and we had a little improv concert.


If you have read or watched me talking about my interests, maybe you could say I’m more about quantity. Or variety. Occasional blog-peruser A brought this up—fidelity or variety, Quality or quantity, that kind of thing. And I have to say that variety is a bigger deal to me in a lot of cases. I don’t need a huge collection of things, but variety is fun. Trying different items, gadgets, whatever.

Fidelity…eh, these days it’s kinda meh for me. Fidelity of audio used to be a big deal to me but I think that was more about metaphorically hearing all the frequencies, that sort of thing. Maybe I’ll go back to that someday before my hearing goes away entirely. But for now maybe I hear too many frequencies and the frequencies are like, back the F off, your INTJ fidelity interests are creeping us out. Or something. Not sure.

(BTW do you ever shop for hearing enhancers? Not necessarily hearing aids, but little EQ things, like—hear the world on your terms. Sometimes I notice I do this when I’m fidelity-interested. I personally have no hearing loss, knock on wood, but sometimes those things are just so appealing, not wanting to miss anything, wanting to tune in and customize the perceptions, and so on)

The other night I was improvising a reggae version of The Little Drummer Boy with some synthesized steel drums and a) I totally suck, I don’t even know what I’m doing but b) it felt amazing. So if you’re just on the edge, not sure if you should do some more INTJ spreadsheeting about your musical goals, or just go full on Dario Nardi on drums (I’d guess he’s OK with me linking this, or it wouldn’t be a public post) …either way I hope some of you INTJs who haven’t yet, will enter the suck zone with me.

(And if you don’t suck at music, maybe change instruments until you do? IDK. Stop being so great, it’s damn annoying and you know that if you read this blog ;-) winky winky )

Ah, and musicians. Did I mention that Marc Rebillet gives me INTJ vibes?

Certainly not stereotypical INTJ vibes, but I feel like I know this guy’s style. Kinda fun.

I also see some INTJ in artists like Mike Pensini:

It’s less of a sensory “looks-like” thing for me, but come to think of it, watching that video does feel a bit like watching Edward Snowden jam on the keys…

And who else…oh, I was thinking maybe Rosemary Minkler gave me the same INTJ vibe:

U never know tho. Will have to watch more, these are really neat performances to watch.

Finally, I guess I’ll mention that …darn, I forgot. Later. Happy Holidays everybody!

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