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An Intuitive Growth Aspect: Precise Body Studies?

Friday October 14, 2022

Jacob writes,

What is something you learned lately that you didn’t know when you were younger? As an intuitive personality, if you can give an example of a sensory skill it would be helpful.

Sensory skill! That’s a good q. There’s probably a lot of that, much of which wasn’t so clear or interesting when I was younger. Here’s one thing that comes to mind.

It’s been very fun and helpful to figure out just the right way to move my body to do things I couldn’t do before, or solve problems.

Here are some examples:

Example 1. Precision Study for Pain Management

For example, when my shoulder was injured recently, I couldn’t move my hand from the keyboard to the mouse without extreme pain.

So normally I’d move the mouse, or buy a trackpad keyboard or something.

But I decided to try different body positions and movements.

I figured out that I could invert my palm, turning the thumb down and to the outside, and there was no pain at all while doing this movement! Weird.

Then I kept trying that with other painful situations, and found even more of those. In one case I could wiggle my finger tips a bit and completely unlock my shoulder.

Example 2: Tricks and Techniques

Just today, I spent a half hour writing down just the right finger and hand motions and angles for opening, lighting, and closing my Zippo lighter.

I mostly use this lighter for 1) fidget toy and 2) sealing frayed ends of paracord lanyards or rope.

And really, if I’m fidgeting with this in the first place, I also want to learn some cool ways to use it. So that was a lot of fun.

Example 3: Fixes to Other Problems

Finally, I was pruning a tree with this interchangeable saw I have. But it kept dropping blades. I’d start to saw, and then the blade would pull right out of the handle.

My first reaction: I got a piece of junk of course, I hate this saw, UGH, probably better to get ONE saw that does ONE job!!!

But then I thought about it and decided: I’ll watch myself using it, lightly at first.

So I get a kind of comfortable setting for my hand going, it’s feeling nice. THEN I notice…

My thumb rests on the side screw while I’m sawing…then gradually loosens the blade-tightening screw by slowly turning it to the left!


These are the types of things that I frankly ignored or didn’t care about when I heard them from others, in the past.

But these days they are a lot of fun and they build confidence.

I also used to google this kind of thing a lot. Why solve it yourself when others already have? The problem with that is, if you find a fitting answer, you still get others’ techniques, others’ ideas, and you aren’t able to build up or strengthen your access to introverted perception & judgement functionality, for example. It’s also a risk to your creativity, to say nothing of your access to your sensory side. (As an introvert, it’s very helpful to pretty much own and fully-leverage your introverted side, to the extent you can)

In most cases it helps me to plan for some extra patience—at least multiple sessions—and space out the learning a bit. In other cases it helps to write things down and save notes for later.

I hope that helps, Jacob—and anyone else out there who might find some extra-precise body studies helpful.

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