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For Those Detachers, For Us, Detachers, and for You, Detacher

Thursday April 16, 2020

Detacher: The opposite of an addict.

  • Quitting bad things, and making big changes in my life, are my gifts!
  • But also in a negative way
  • Damn, I went off my medication again
  • Not the one that saves my life
  • But the one that I liked
  • Why would I detach from that?

Why would I detach from…

  • Something I like?
  • Someone I like?
  • The world?

I can see everything from here…from the outside. Why do I feel so supreme,

  • And yet so troubled?
  • I wonder if I could ever detach from my flesh and blood. The things I love…just
  • Not in my attention anymore?
  • Or if in my attention, somehow not…seen? Done? Anymore.

This is just a sketch of the detacher, especially when they realize that detachment is not just being “great at not being an addict.” I’ve also shared some ideas for detachers if they may be useful.

Note: Some have contacted me to point out that I should correct myself—They tell me that the opposite of “addiction” is “love”, or some other word, depending on their studies or background.

Please keep in mind that those are simply terminologies used by different models/systems, and the detachment model above is what I consider another one for the pile. It has been my experience that it’s usually better to have & use multiple models, as opposed to just one.

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