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For Those Detachers, For Us, Detachers, and for You, Detacher

Thursday April 16, 2020

Detacher: The opposite of an addict.

  • Quitting bad things, and making big changes in my life, are my gifts!
  • But also in a negative way
  • Damn, I went off my medication again
  • Not the one that saves my life
  • But the one that I liked
  • Why would I detach from that?

Why would I detach from…

  • Something I like?
  • Someone I like?
  • The world?

I can see everything from here…from the outside. Why do I feel so supreme,

  • And yet so troubled?
  • I wonder if I could ever detach from my flesh and blood. The things I love…just
  • Not in my attention anymore?
  • Or if in my attention, somehow not…seen? Done? Anymore.

This is the detacher, when they realize that detachment is not just being “great at not being an addict.”

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