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The Vacation Transition & Boundary Recovery

Friday January 15, 2021

I was surprised to discover that it took me a full week to fully transition into my winter vacation at the end of 2020. A full week!

I felt great, once the real vacation effect finally hit me. Vacation! Wonderful! So fun.

But before that? Lots of winding-down talk, some journaling about it, some worrying. Ugh.

Prior to the vacation, I had really over-extended myself on some boundaries. So I needed recovery time before I could even get to the vacation enjoyment time!

It was nice to be conscious of that, but not nice to have to do it.

Speaking of which, I just posted an article called Using FACTS and TESTS to Set Healthy Boundaries. It’s published over at my coaching site. Which is still me, but it’s more of a general-audience me. Maybe a more professional me. Not even sure!

If you ever suffer from boundary compromises, I hope you’ll take a look. Learning to set boundaries has been a huge changing point in my life, even though I still stumble at times!

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