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How to Contact Me

Tuesday April 14, 2020

General Info

My email: marc@marccarsoncoaching.com

If you replied to me on Reddit or somewhere else online, we haven’t really met, and even worse, I might not remember you. I never claimed to have the world’s best memory!

So, please introduce yourself as if cyberspace is not that real. Like, introduce yourself as if cyberspace is kind of embarrassing and meatspace is truly where life happens. That’s about right. Not that cyberspace (strange word, but I’m going with it) is fake, but it kind of hobbles communications. Stuf dosn’t get comuanittecated corekctly, specialee emotively phraised stuf. And I remember your face much better than your Reddit username.

If you don’t need coaching, it’s OK. I don’t really want to coach everyone, and in practice the relationship has to work for me, too.

I can’t reply to all emails but I do try.

Why doesn’t your blog have comments? I have information to share.

I think you’ve put your finger on the problem! When I enabled comments in the past, lots of people had information to share. But that’s the catch: People tend to share informationally, in the best-case scenario. So there’s very little attention given to style and the way the communication looks to the other party.

The quality of internet comments is unfortunately very low, even among groups of super amazing people like you. And I blame tech—we need better tech to help us usher in a comment experience that’s better for all parties.

So, it’s not your fault. (Unless you’re like me, in which case sometimes it is you.)

And thus, for now, the easiest way to share information with me is email.

People I generally enjoy hearing from:

  • People with questions
  • People with interesting experiences to share
  • People who are struggling with an INTJ and need to vent a little
  • Readers who are letting me know they exist—tell me a bit about yourself.
  • People who want to send me some music to listen to
  • People who want to share a unique fictional character, like a superhero they enjoy

People who I may hear from whether I like it or not:

  • People who have some serious information for me, like a podcast I’d enjoy. (But the thing is like an hour long! Whine)
  • People who wonder if I like what they like, because liking the same things is life-giving (But what if I don’t? Awkward)
  • People who want to share how great they are because they’re INTJ, completely missing the point (And I get it, but I can’t really encourage it, can I? Maybe I’ll just shoot that person a congrats or something)
  • People who have something they did that I should check out, mainly because they’re an INTJ (I love what you create—but if it’s an app, or if it requires a lot of time, what if I can’t?)

(I’m generally OK with this stuff but my tolerance for it varies. You see, sometimes I commuicate a;nd relationship bebrokenly also’s.)

All you have to do is sign up for my app / their app, it’s amazing

Do you know how many INTJ apps I’ve signed up for? (Writing this brings to mind exhausted LMAO sentiments on my end.) Seriously, this is not as easy as you think. I mainly do this kind of thing for really special friends and clients these days…

How much does your coaching cost?


I’m one of those INTJs who hacks everything. Can I hack a free coaching bundle? I will write a blog post about you on my blog which currently receives 10x the local average of traffic in my rich suburban area. People say I’m a vampire in relationships but I don’t like feeling bad about myself and it’s causing problems and here are a few words on why you should pity me.

I may not be able to handle you. Send me some links to your favorite music on Youtube anyway.

But but I can usually get free admission to seminars. Here, I’ll give you my login to Jordan Peterson’s site, you should check him out, my boss paid for me and I think we can both be logged in at the same time.

I want you to spend some time thinking about how this looks.

I know a book you need to read.

On a good day: Maybe this is interesting but often not. I might give it a look, but I have a long to-read list and don’t prioritize reading like I used to.

On a bad day: I mean, really…you want me to read this whole book AND I don’t know you? Let’s get real here. This is not exactly a book review blog, is it?

I know a Youtube video you need to watch. Upside: It’s an hour long.

It looks like a great documentary. But don’t do this to people!

Have you ever heard of (inspiring person)?

No, but now I’m feeling guilty and lame. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sometimes starts relationships with such ego-crushing sensitivity.

So you write this blog in order to sell or promote coaching?

Not really. Go back and read what I wrote above and ask yourself how promotional it sounds. I love you all but this blog is mostly a subjective exercise.

If something I write pleases you, and you get in touch about it, I love you for that. And I’d rather treat the resulting dopamine as a pleasant, transient artifact of some good ol’ hard-thinking than proof that my marketing funnel is fully operational.

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