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Can I get you to give up on MBTI?

Wednesday June 2, 2021

Reader Doug asks,

Can I get you to give up on MBTI? I think it’s unnecessary and I don’t really find it helpful. But I like a lot of your other content.

I think Doug knew the answer to this one going in! He was pretty reticent in his message, but I like to be open about the topic.

Things Doug didn’t seem to be aware of:

  • I’m not using formal-MBTI here. It’s “four-letter Jungian type.”
    • Geez Doug! Kidding.
    • But seriously, this little fact impacts a LOT of comments people have made about type.
  • MBTI as a term really carries no authority to me, and it is not by itself a topic of particular interest. I have friends who are MBTI-certified. I may do the same some day, or I may not…
    • I get that you are talking about four-letter type in general. Still, using “MBTI”…nah Doug.
  • Doug’s level of experience with MBTI is not really up to par for such a request. Come on, Doug.

Doug also mentioned that he has not read up on the cognitive functions which is also really, really too bad.

You can hang a LOT of hats on the general CF model and the various sub-models that exist all over the web and in professional practice as well. A LOT OF HATS, people.

So, no, I won’t give up on four-letter type, at least not for now. People who can see it with me are special, they want to be here, they like it.

I do understand, however, that some adjustments could be made to the blog to make it appear less “yikes” for people who harbor more black & white viewpoints about personality type. I might make some of those changes. (Fi tells me first that those people can go f*** themselves, but Fi also follows up and tells me to be gentle with them because they are still learning, and gentle-with-learners is one of my values. Goddamn complex Fi.)

No offense, Doug. (I know Doug a little better than some)

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