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Looking for email provider. Must be good at delivering email.

Monday February 11, 2019

Just in between posts here, I thought I’d put this out there in case any of you have recommendations. I’m looking for a new email provider. Who do you recommend that’s not Google?

Some background: I already have a Google email account that I use for consulting work, and decided to set up a Fastmail account for my coaching emails, just to keep things separated, and also because Google mail has been pretty annoying in its own ways recently.

Well, today I logged into the web version of my ehh-it’s-ok-so-far Fastmail account to find that I had an embarrassing backlog of emails. Why had the Fastmail app on my phone not alerted me to this pileup? It turns out the Fastmail app had recently been updated, could no longer send me notifications, and I would now have to figure out…I mean, we’re not sure exactly, but figure out whatever it is that must be done to clear app data on my specific device, just so I could log in again from my phone. Geez.

I really wanted to like Fastmail but after writing all those apologetic email replies today, I’m not sure it’s a good match for my (relatively commonplace?) needs at this point. So—if you have a recommendation I’d love to hear it. It needs to support custom domain names, and hopefully have something other than an ad-supported free tier. Reasonably good support would be a bonus. I’ve tried GMail, Protonmail, and Fastmail recently. My contact email address is in the sidebar. Thanks!

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