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Introducing The Junior AdventureChucks

Wednesday July 22, 2020

Recently we (the Carson family) started a scouting and adventuring organization. We decided to call it the Junior AdventureChucks, or just AdventureChucks for short.

You are invited to join, no matter who or where you are. We also extend this invitation at the interplanetary scale, inviting all species, known and unknown, to join and spread the word of AdventureChucking. There are no age limits, so even the youngest or oldest human, alien, or hybrid may join.

The “Junior” prefix and “-Chucks” suffix are a nod to the Junior Woodchucks, created by Carl Barks for Disney comics. (I recommend reading that article, too, because it’s got lots of fun history and details.)

First Rank

As a scouting-inspired organization, the Junior AdventureChucks are developing a ranking system.

In the Junior AdventureChucks, ranks are meant to be fun. Holding a rank does not convey any particular power or indicate any special knowledge. It is meant as a sign of openness, growth, and willingness to embrace the adventure mindset.

We’ve determined that newcomers to the AdventureChucks are automatically assigned the starting rank of Ding Dong Kitty after they complete a simple initiation process. (This rank is meant to sound fun but also a bit limiting and ridiculous, which I always thought was an amusing aspect of traditional scouting.)

To make the sign of the Ding Dong Kitty, and thus to self-initiate into this rank, one must complete these steps:

  1. Airplane Ears. Point your hands backward over your head, with your palms resting on top of your head above your ears. Hold your fingers together (flat hand), pointing toward the back of your head and a bit outward toward the sides.
  2. Crossed Eyes: Cross your eyes, as if attempting to look at your nose.
  3. The Call of the Ding Dong Kitty: Say “wow” in a monotone voice, as if you are a bit confused but also excited, but also a cat.

Once you have performed this important rank initiation process, stand and say, “I am a Junior AdventureChuck!” This completes your voluntary initiation into the organization.

To greet another Ding Dong Kitty:

  1. Perform the Airplane Ears and Crossed Eyes, as explained above.
  2. Let your mouth hang open a little.
  3. Make a “cat sniffing” motion by bobbing your nose up and down a bit, in the direction of the other Ding Dong Kitty.
  4. The other Ding Dong Kitty should reply with the Call of the Ding Dong Kitty (explained above).
  5. Warm relations should ensue.


We are building out a list of badges. So far, my kids have earned AdventureChuck Badges like:

  • Besplosion Badge: Start a campfire, with adult supervision. Optionally, cook hot dogs or other foods above said campfire.
  • Black Hole Badge: Dig a hole that is at least as deep as your waist, again with adult supervision
  • Iceball Badge: Observe a Comet (NEOWISE in this case)

We look forward to publishing more badges in the future.

Principles of Junior AdventureChucks

  • We are always Junior. There is no senior. We encourage play, fun, growth, and learning, first and foremost.
  • We are always Adventuring. Every day is an adventure. We encourage the planning of new adventures. Adventures can be big (travel somewhere and do something, usually taking 2+ days), or small (stay where you are, look around you, observe, contemplate, and appreciate).
  • We are always Chucks. We have yet to determine what this means, and we look forward to figuring it out.

Affiliations and Leadership

AdventureChucks is not connected to any other organizations. We are not affiliated with any religious or political group. We welcome those of any belief system or nationality to join us.

The current President of the AdventureChucks is Marc Carson (that’s me). I’m a life coach, hiker, camper, and Eagle Scout, and with the help of others, I hope to integrate the best of what I’ve learned into AdventureChucks.

Well, that’s all for now. With time, we’ll see how this goes. We have a lot of work to do! A website to build, a guidebook to write, and some membership certificates to put out there for starters.

If you’d like to share your adventures on social platforms, please use the hashtag #adventurechucks liberally.

Special INTJ Membership Notes

AdventureChucks membership is open to all personality types, and I mainly announced it here on my INTJ blog because it’s the first place that came to mind.

Memberships, certification, credentials, belonging, and group identity vs. individuality can be troublesome concepts to INTJs. For that reason, the more you resemble Jung’s Model M1-A1, “voice crying in the wilderness” INTJ, the more you may be repulsed by the idea of joining just about any group.

Speaking to that point, I would simply point out that the Junior AdventureChucks intentionally sets a very low bar, with virtually zero membership implications. In case feelings of conflictedness arise, I would encourage you not to overthink this one—you’re welcome to join, use the membership as a psychological cue to plan and undertake your own adventures in your own way, and have fun. You can quit or decide you’re not a member anymore at any time.

Speaking as President of the AdventureChucks, we’d love to have you as a member—even if it’s only a membership bond of the loosest variety.

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