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Daily Journaling Template Updated, 2019-10

Friday October 11, 2019

I just published some updates to my daily journaling template: Daily Journaling Template, Markdown Format, October 2019

The updates include:

  • Rearrangement of the Schedule, To-Do, and Other sections to be close to one another for added efficiency
  • Added Optional Activities footnote, as a reminder of other ways of attending to one’s situation
  • Simple tip on using the To-Do section (include want-to items; start anywhere)
  • Added additional spacing under Other, to free things up a bit

This template now takes a pretty good stab at covering all of the Jungian cognitive functions. That was not my goal to start with, but I’m not surprised that it ended up this way. As a result, I think it can help provide additional balance that may be lacking in a daily routine.

As always:

I continue to use this template myself, and find that it has become one of my most useful tools for near-instant stress relief. Over time, this habit also tends to build a pool of documentation which can be used for knowledge capture.

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