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Tips, encouragement, advice! Anything but pure existentialism

Thursday May 16, 2019

One thing I find when heading into Ti-heavy territory (and yes, it’s still worth going there) is that the general perception and outlook on things becomes pretty static and existential. You start to study people and processes as if they just are, and that’s it. Which—OK, that’s really helpful. It’s how we give things consideration.

And this is behind a lot of cutting-edge analysis: “Here’s how they are.” Well, you can do something about that measured state. You can act on it.

But in certain Ti-heavy circles, if you then ask, “how could the situation be improved, how can they be changed for the better? What ought they do instead?” you are looked at like you are from outer space.

Well, I did say it is rare for INTJs to really get into Ti-space, so you’ve been warned.

Still—let us NEVER EVER give up on this question of how things can be improved. Not to shove it down others’ throats, but even just for our own personal study.

This question of improvement seems to impart magical energy to INTJs. Being around that environment of “here’s how things are (and they likely won’t change)” perception for too long puts you in the same boat of those with dangerous and risky “debts to magic,” ™ as in the Ti-dominant personality who has essentially shut open-minded Ne considerations out of their life. Believe me, you don’t want to be that person.

Yes, we want to accrue a little bit of debt to magic, and accept things for how they are. Otherwise we can’t live in the real world. Sure.

But we also bring a lot of magic into life via the INTJ intuition. We are really good conceptualizers, us INTJs. The world needs lonely little INTJs to develop concepts, to improve things. That they themselves can’t look into the future and see what might be done isn’t really worth worrying about; what’s more important is that we, ourselves, don’t set that tool down.

This happened to me way back in university; I got sucked right into the existential mindset and wow, if there was ever a case of “the salt losing its savor,” there was one. Depressed, lonely, yet also restless, angry. Why even give people tips or advice on what to do, or how to live? This is how life is, and that’s it. Might as well just be straightforward.

So yeah, sure, improve stuff! We need that. It’s our life mission. To put it down—that’s madness.

Again, this issue is woven into human history and philosophy so don’t be surprised if you get some pushback. But be bold in pushing through that, even if quietly so.

It’s how we is.

Our is casts oughts, and that’s something for others to worry about. (What a fractal of a question, here!)

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