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I Stayed at this INTJ's Apartment Once

Friday June 5, 2020

Speaking of product reviewers.

I slept over in this INTJ’s apartment once, while I was traveling through town. He wasn’t there but his apartment was always in that kind of “shabby presentable” state. You know this state? I know this state. I think his reasoning was, “I’ll contingency-plan for visitors, otherwise they’ll drive me up the wall.” Whatever it was, it kind of turned him into a visitor-lover. YO, STAY AT MY PLACE. NO PROBLEM.

He had this stack of brand-new erasers on his dresser. Nothing expensive, but a little bit rare. Like if I ask you, “have you tried the ain stein” and you go OH YEAH, then you’re in our boat here. (Otherwise it’s just a treasure that awaits you, maybe)

I immediately knew what was up with eraser INTJ. He had found his gold. I gave him a quick mental hug before collapsing in his bed, near-certain the mattress had been optimized for cost and performance.

The mindset is so familiar. You know what happens with a gold eraser like this? It flies off the shelves. Well…maybe. One never knows, maybe it’ll be discontinued. It would be just our luck. So of course he bought a stack. More than 4, less than 20, is what I remember.

You know what other people think of this? They go, “OH GOD THIS GUY HOARDS ERASERS” or whatever. So that was a bit of a gem to me, because I get it and when you get a little thing in the universe, it’s like your identity is affirmed right there. You don’t exist as some kind of a standalone mistake in the universe. This other eraser geek is also a mistake like you, at the very least.

And I get that buying an eraser can be metaphorical, like maybe a way for your subconscious to beg you, “stop trying to outrun your past—go back and address that stuff.” But also: Whatever, it’s cool, we can just talk erasers if u like.

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