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Do you recline for best work performance?

Thursday June 24, 2021

I’ve noticed this pattern among my ENTJ friends:

…they sit in a huge recliner to work, like Louis does.

(I have to admit it makes me laugh, sorry but that huge friggin’ recliner is straight out of my grandma’s house, not that I’m some exemplary furniture guy, but there we are)

Now, we could call this the cringe-inducing influence of tertiary Se, for example. And there are some funny things that jive well with the child-like Se-positioning framework. I mean, some of those same friends also eat kids’ breakfast cereal in the morning, their diets are absolute crap, and it’s hard to take somebody serious when they’re inviting you to conquer the galaxy with them while spilling milk on themselves as they try to reach the recliner adjustment on the side of the friggin’ huge chair.

However I have to admit I am kind of coming around to this recliner thing.

First, laying down for work is admittedly pretty damn nice. I do this all the time and end up laying in bed and getting WAY more work done than I thought I would.

(I always have to straighten up the room when I do this, I need at least a three-star museum-quality bed setup, pick things up and straighten out the blankets, or it all just feels so wrong)

But reclining is also really, really comfortable for long periods. It doesn’t require as much bed-pillow adjustment for example. I do use a lumbar pillow now, because I hate being slumped over when I sit up.

I’m browsing around online, considering all options, including a “gaming recliner” which is somehow just a hilarious combination of words to me today.

And I’m tagging this under Fitness, because I get this funny intuition-itch that tells me that sitting in a lazy position all day at work could support a psychological craving for athletic activity later! You never know about this yin-yang stuff.

Anyway. Tune in next time, as I live-blog from one of those hot new custom gaming caskets!

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