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Q&A: Task BATL

Tuesday October 12, 2021

Catching up on some Q&A:

J. writes,

I tend to get lost in my daily to-do list. Then I get frustrated. Have you addressed this in your productivity work?

Yes—for starters, please check out the Debriefing Module within Task BATL.

I just updated and reorganized this module, but it was always meant to address this kind of situation.

Additionally, Task BATL is meant to help you gain energy momentum for diving back into your to-do list, so the Task BATL system in general ought to help with this.

Beca writes,

I have a quick enquiry about Task BATL. Have you thought about publishing it into a book?

Yes, I hope to at least publish an electronic edition. I really like the idea of keeping the system simple, so hopefully that means it won’t be too hard to get out the door…

Antonio writes,

You mentioned [elsewhere online —Marc] that you have gamified your productivity system, specifically playing it like a game of golf. Is this a Task BATL feature?

Yes, it’s a brand new Task BATL experiment and so far it’s been fun to play. I hope to add it to the formal Task BATL system soon, but I want to make it a bit more adaptable first. It works great for me, but I realized that some people may want to play it in the opposite way, basically, depending on what they need from a system of productivity.

Several People write,

Is Task BATL a Te-Fi-balanced system of productivity?

It started with some emphasis on what you might call Jungian Te and Fi functions. But since that time I’ve decided to incorporate additional, non-typology theory and systems.

For now: Please enjoy using Task BATL!

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