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Wednesday May 13, 2020

Earlier today I podcasted for fake for a bit. Let’s call it Noncasting. I plugged in my nice mic, put on my headphones, started up Audacity, and hit Record.

Then I said nothing that will ever be published. With terrific audio quality. It sounded great, looping back into my ears, in enhanced stereo, with just a tiny bit of delay.

Man, it helped A TON. I got a lot of things off my chest. I ended up taking notes while doing it. Built up a huge list. Speak a while, type a while. A “here’s what’s up, and here’s what I’ll do about it” loop of sorts.

So far I’ve tried:

  • Podcasting for fake
  • Fake blogging (even on paper, like drawing columns and a sidebar and stuff—this is what started my journey to 100 lbs. of weight loss)
  • Vlogging for fake

And here’s one I haven’t tried: OBS-style screencasts. Tutorial-making for fakes. Apparently this one can be pretty helpful to get into the flow of work.

And to clarify: We’re recording for real, but not necessarily publishing it anywhere.

I have a mouth but like, don’t scream often enough

I think basically the longer I go without making a noise out of my mouth or typing words through my fingers, the worse. And we’re talking minutes, not hours.

And since this is an INTJ blog I KNOW YOU KNOW how long that perceptive silent period can go.

Te is a pretty good model for this, all things considered, with some issues here and there. For one, there’s a lot of Fi involved, and hopefully Fe and Ti too. But I’ll tag it here in case it helps.

And also, there’s a bit of that “well OF COURSE extraversion is the solution to introvert problems” mindset, but there’s also more to it than such a shallow model can convey. Sometimes it takes just the right tool, which matches a mindset, which matches a mood, which matches specific circumstances…

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