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Speaking of UFOs: Why the Sudden Stir? One Theory

Friday April 26, 2019

OK, here’s a theory regarding the sudden UFO-related “let’s look into this more than we were” stance.

This is in response to an article I just read, titled What The Hell Is Going On With UFOs And The Department Of Defense?

Remember how I talked about the way the military’s organizational personality might make it an unwitting sponsor of UFO cover-ups?

Now let’s take the reverse. What kind of personality type would you bet would want to know? Like really want to know exactly what a thing is?

First, extraverts would be my bet. And I mean—as a group, right? Because type is a group thing. And Jung’s position on extraversion was that it essentially indicated a type of person who was energized by “outside objects”.

Anyway, zooming in a bit further, I’d have to give the “would want to know” award to the Se-dominant ESTP.

Which: We have an ESTP Commander-in-Chief right now, here in the USA.

So imagine with me, a conversation…

  • Navy Admiral: “Mr. President, it’s nice to meet you sir.”
  • CIC President Trump: “It’s very nice to meet you Admiral, thank you for your service, you guys are—we have an amazing Navy today…” (Blah blah blah ESTP Fe-Se stuff)
  • But Still President Trump: “Hey listen, what do you make of these UFOs. You’ve seen the videos—that was a Navy incident right? Back in 2004 or something.”
  • Navy Admiral: “I…I don’t know, sir. It’s a mystery for sure.”
  • President Trump Going Full Sensor: “But don’t you want to know? I mean, I’d want to know. These things, they fly faster than our jets, and they can really maneuver!”

And that, right there—I’d say a conversation like that could 150% cause the aforementioned “what the hell is going on” stir within the Department of Defense. The guy is the CIC, we’re the Navy, he wants to know something, and we HAVE THE INFO. Well, we have some info at least. And we did make the darn video.

So: 1 + 1 = 2, intuitively speaking in this case of course.

Another factor to consider is the emergence of To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science, which has attempted to exert pressure on the US Congress. To what degree this has been successful, I have no idea. The team and its communications strike me as near-bizarre, but I haven’t made a very deep dive. [Does DeLonge feel to anyone else like a rocker ESFP who has taken a sudden hard turn toward the INTJ sphere of interest? Reminds me of a few people I know…and you never know what kind of e.g. publicity or other help they can lend to us intuitives. Also, when the guy sets up three corporate divisions and those divisions are Science, Aerospace, and Entertainment, I mean it’s getting hard to reach another conclusion here, right?]

The The Drive article linked above is great though, and links to some interesting Youtube videos which I haven’t finished watching yet.

And Jason Turner, in that last video, talks about the existence of a SES, or Signal Exploitation Space, within the USS Princeton. How freaking cool is that name? Apparently it’s existed for some time now but it’s the first time I’m hearing of it. And I mean, you know how I hesitate to really boost your ego, but given the way Ni works you could safely say that the INTJ brain is a Signal Exploitation Space. Right?

This weekend just went into the UFO zone. Man I swear at least 75% of my weekends do this.

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