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Healthy INTJ Tip: Start a Crazy Wall

Thursday December 21, 2017

Feeling beaten down? Scatterbrained? Conspired against? Start a crazy wall!

For the perceptive INTJ, one of the key problem solvers is written right there in the Tumblr subtitle: Get it out of your head. You see, we’re in our head lots. Our brain imagery can go from “inspirational idea” or “clear impression” to “big disorganized mess of impressions that don’t easily lend themselves toward planning, making decisions, optimizing, etc.” in no time.

Even if it’s not a literal string theory, it’s a great idea to find some format that helps you just get the information out of your noggin.


  • Journal
  • Mind map (digital using e.g. Freeplane or on paper)
  • Outliner or tree-based organizer software
  • Personal wiki or website
  • Gigantic sheet of paper
  • Spreadsheet (digital or paper)
  • Talking to yourself (suspend disbelief for a moment and consider that lots of healthy people do this)
  • or someone else

Next time you see one in a movie, remember that crazy walls, while crazy for some, may actually be good for your psychology.

(For those who think a crazy wall is a bad sign no matter what, I have some news for you about information technology and hypertext.)

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