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Study Skim: Stress and Coping in Esports and the Influence of Mental Toughness

Thursday June 11, 2020

Just skimming a recent study:

At first it’s like,

This study explored stress and coping in electronic sports (esports) athletes and the influence of mental toughness (MT), as defined by two prominent conceptualizations

Ah nice. I know an esports athlete (now working in industry, but I helped him get an epic scholarship, GO HIM, GO ME) and I would just say: People who do this stuff, please take really good care of yourselves.

And then the study is like,

Mental toughness (both frameworks) was associated with the selection of more problem-focused and emotion-focused coping strategies and less avoidance coping strategies

Nice! I feel so comfortable when a study tells me things that click into place with my existing, incredibly awesome world view. Phew. ;-)

Anyway. Man, avoidance is a killah! Kill u ded. (My words, not theirs). If it goes too far. Everybody avoids, so some is OK.

Because what are you going to do, avoid avoidance? lmao bruh.

As I said in recent publication, my position is, while avoiding doing stuff it’s a good idea to feel stuff. Push back super hard emotionally, but not just in terms of rage—this is way deeper and it’s sustainable. Us INTJ-bots included.

Some measurement tools that were referenced in the study:

(Do I hear Hard Copy Clan shifting into high gear? PDFSSSSSS. Oh my.)

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