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White Guy Speaks INTJ in Local Market, Locals Stunned

Monday September 20, 2021

I’m adding Xiaomanyc (Arieh Smith) to my INTJ Youtuber buttons-light-up list:

Link: White Guy Speaks Multiple African Languages in Market, Locals Stunned

From his About Me blurb:

Video producer with 3M+ fans on YouTube and ~1M in China
Featured in and collaborated with major Asian media news outlets (SCMP, World Journal, 三立新聞, China Media Group, Hubei Television, and many more)
Experienced software engineer and financial analyst

Read that last line…you all feel me here right? This is an INTJ bio move, it’s just how we think, we create these writeups that are designed to impress, but also to provide broad cover for the INTJ as a contingency.

You know, lest you think he’s just a Youtuber, or whatever.

(If anything we need to be careful about being way too extra)

If you haven’t already checked them out, his videos are fun to watch and if you wanted to see another INTJ extroverting themselves, there you go.

Some other things I’ve noticed:

  • There’s a lot of pure showmanship at work in the videos. I think you could also say he’s adept at playing the magician archetype. Look at this thing, not at that one. He builds on the element of surprise and the human tendency to be stunned when surprised. (Showmanship is also part of the INTJ’s intellectual toolkit.)
  • He sets up and kind of arranges conversations like an INTJ would, angling for maximum energy-leverage in conversations.
  • You can tell that the convos work better with some types of people and not so well with others. Though there aren’t a lot of those specimens to examine, they’re in there. Personality dynamics always transcend culture.
  • He’s doing a great job and I think it’s a good sign for any of you who are also looking to communicate with the outside world with a channel of your own, or whatever else it may be.

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