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Finding extraverted thinking on the periodic table of elements

Wednesday August 22, 2018

Casio graphing calculator screenshot showing periodic table

Figuratively and somewhat literally. Hm! This is the Casio FX-CG50 calculator, and maybe it’s a tad superficial, but I am smitten by this feature. Haha. Anyway Te is tellurium, which is “mildly toxic and brittle,” meaning that the element represented by Te is about what you’d expect of someone who over-uses the cognitive function known as Te.

Te (extraverted thinking) is associated with brittleness because it’s broad, rather than deep, casting a wide net for existing solutions, rather than building up a detailed, fits-like-a-glove solution, or engaging in elegant solution-design in the way that Ti, or introverted thinking, does.

Now let’s see…how would titanium represent solution-design thinking (Ti)…hmmm…

I am pursued by an interest in calculators and calculation, and I really enjoy exploring not only the interest itself, but its meaning in my life. I do get very good results from applying things like spreadsheets and other calculations to the various problems I encounter. pats subconscious mind on the head.

Years ago, I had no idea about extraverted thinking, and I didn’t know that calculation could be a natural gift for a person like me. I had no idea that I could really leverage it if I learned it well. At that time in my life I was really tilting hard toward the ESFP mentality: “Be cool, have fun, be artistic and draw on your emotions, make a huge impact above all else.” During that period I associated this kind of calculation-interest with 1) OCD, 2) nerdiness, and 3) boredom in math class. Aaaand that kind of thinking is pretty much one of the contributors to major INTJ life problems. Glad I know about it now! It’s never too late to start.

By the way I’m kind of a sucker for things made by Casio. Yesterday I was drooling over all the latest gear, from Casio electronic dictionaries to the Lesson Pod to the Millenium Falc…err I mean Trackformer Dance Gear. There’s no end to the cuteness.

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