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One of My Best Productivity Tools

Wednesday May 1, 2019

One of my recent favorite productivity tools is a graphics driver issue which forces the shutdown of the Chrome browser about 4x daily.

All my tabs freeze up, and I have to kill the browser application and restart. Naturally, harnessing this as an opportunity to make a fresh start in life, I refuse to allow the browser to restore the previous 20-40 tabs.

Should I risk an upgrade? Unsure. I’m seriously considering writing such a script for all my browsers, randomly killing them after, say, an hour has passed.

Maybe Relevant Note: I am generally anti-productivity-pride when it comes to INTJs. In my experience, treating ourselves as productivity warriors is dangerous and needs to be balanced with an understanding that we are also procrastination warriors. Run with it, ride the wave, don’t sweat it. So laughing at my productivity levels has become a favorite activity, even though I’m also most definitely a secret badass like every other INTJ. ;-)

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