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"Collecting Information" Mode: What it Is, and Is Not, and How to Supplement It

Tuesday April 23, 2019

You’ve probably been there: INTJs can get sucked into Collecting Information mode. Browsing, linking, piling up resources, buying books, bookmarking websites, liking Youtube videos.

This is a lot of things: Smart, resourceful, clever, and perceptive—“ah, I might need this later;” that kind of preparatory, contingency thinking.

This is not: Deep (it’s shallow, relatively speaking—or perhaps “broad” is a better term). It’s an extraverted task in that breadth-first way.

This is not: Learning, so much.

Some alternates to consider alongside this activity:

Learning Mode: Developing your depth-knowledge of a thing. The following can help with that:

Organizing Information Mode: Dive into the thing and start giving it your own method of organization. Plan your study.

Testing Information Mode: Running an experiment after having learned something, or theorized about something.

Producing Information Mode: Writing or illustrating or speaking about what you’re learning.

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