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Update on the Great Video Wall Experiment of 2020

Friday August 21, 2020

So it’s been a few months since the experiment began.

Brief thoughts:

  • I’m still using this and really liking it.
  • Most of the time it’s muted except for maybe 1-3 videos at low volume.
  • It’s handy during meetings or calls. Like a fidget toy for the eyes.
  • Feelings like, “oh nice, I’m totally watching the rest of this film right after the call” have been pretty great, when the alternative is usually just a mix of daily procedural work or schedule-related thoughts.
  • It’s nice that this prevents waste of space when I’m using multiple monitors.

I have also been mixing in other sensory inputs:

  • A WebSDR window
  • Some streaming music station in VLC
  • Some scanner traffic, broadcast FM, or broadcast AM radio on my office radios
  • Youtube lectures or film reviews, things like that
  • Podcasts

So yeah, highly recommended.

Also it’s been nice to use matching earbuds, but different audio sources, during online meetings. One earbud might have a movie or podcast or some other audio track playing (usually something I’ve listened to before—I’m not looking to be distracted), and the other earbud has the meeting audio. It seems to help prevent emotional tail-offs and the unwanted “ugh-face” which can happen too easily sometimes.

This stuff is all part of my larger productivity system—on the emotional-regulation side, but still very important, and better to engage earlier in a productivity process than later.

I leave you with this important message.

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