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Notes from a Recent Twilight:2000 RPG Session (Solo Roleplaying)

Monday June 15, 2020

I just posted a write-up of a recent solo RPG session, based in the Twilight:2000 universe. It was fun and even kind of instructional.

Here’s what I researched and learned more about, while playing:

  • European Geography
  • Canadian military history
  • Military specialties
  • French helicopters

The learning part was fascinating. And the fact that I could integrate anything I wanted (people, vehicles, weapons, locations) into my own session universe was almost wasted on me (I’m such a realist) but I did try to take a few departures. The inclusion of an airfield in the Frisian Islands is a nod to one of my favorite flight movies, Dakota (1974).

Also I do like a good solo session. Playing with other people, it can be hard to “play what I feel”, so to speak. I try to make my own AI mechanic and really enjoy the meta-process.

I had fun rolling up all the little details like sex and personality type. Amusingly, the personality types of the characters in this scenario turned out to be INFP, ISTJ, ESTJ, and ESTJ. If you’re familiar with Socionics, one way of looking at these types is as Deltas, belonging to the same sub-group of four personality types.

And while we’re here browsing the Socionics article, we might as well ask: How do Deltas look at Gammas like us INTJ / ILIs?

Deltas tend to see Gamma types as driven and reliable in personal and business relationships, but not sufficiently understanding of people who want to pursue their own individual path in life. Gamma types sometimes become too demanding and can have a streak of vindictiveness or spitefulness which prevents them from being accepting and forgiving.

OK, a bit of a cringe there, but that sounds about right. Damn I can be prescriptive when things get tight. Speaking of which: Hey INTJ team? Let’s all be more accepting and forgiving and less demanding and spiteful, OK? Cool, done. LOL

Also related: There is an upcoming Kickstarter for Twilight: 2000 planned for August. Looks pretty cool.

I never really got into the Twilight:2000 mechanics, preferring instead to learn about the story and universe. Heck, I was fascinated by this world. It spoke to so much of the symbolism of my inner world when I was a kid.

But regarding mechanics, this recent session was no exception to my past; I used my own simplified role-playing mechanic instead of the Twilight:2000 native system.

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