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New Podcast Format! Topical Training Podcast Episode 001, October 26, 2018

Friday October 26, 2018

Thanks to listener feedback, there are now two formats for my INTJ podcasts: Regular Format and Topical Training. Topical Training podcasts discuss one topic for 15 minutes, including exercises for improved use. Regular Format podcasts will be a bit looser and discuss various topics, with a bit more fun thrown in.

And here’s the first Topical Training episode, on standards-setting for personal growth.

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Listen along as I discuss:

  • Setting standards for personal growth
  • Beating procrastination by establishing standards for progress
  • Setting standards for others
  • Working with other personality types with standards-setting as a bridge
  • Remaining open to altering or refining our standards
  • Using standards as a more tactful way to communicate “you’re doing it wrong and need to do better”
  • Using standards to lower your risk exposure while you try new things and become more open-minded

In terms of cognitive function, standards-setting is concerned with measurement-based judgments, and as such is part of what we call extraverted thinking, or Te. Te is the INTJ’s secondary function, one that can help us break through big problems.

More soon—enjoy the weekend.

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