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Friday June 19, 2020

Carson Family Tech Senpai Big Brother Mike writes,

How about something like this in a power outage: Linky

I thought that was pretty neat. Mike knows we’ve had some forced power outages here in the past, due to high winds and wildfire concerns.

Here’s the video if you like embeds:

And here’s the Amazon link if you like direct Amazon links

And here’s the product if you would rather just have the raw info: Tyler 10” TV (They also make a Tyler 7” TV) with rechargeable battery

Man, if I had this as a kid…phew. We don’t even have to go there. I’m a kid now, so it’s the same darn thing. If I had this as a me-these-days, that would be so epic! I’d ride around on my adult e-skateboard just watching TV and laughing at those power outages.

I really don’t know if a TV like this would even be useful here, because our local TV is managed through local TV repeaters, and I’m thinking those won’t work at all during an outage. But I’m going to check anyway because it would have been really helpful to have a little TV like this during the last outage.

FM radio worked well during that last big outage, and ham radio was great, but TV adds a certain dimension of comfort. Hooking our normal TV up to a generator is also possible, but a little bit annoying when you’re doing so many other things to manage your life during an extended power outage.

Anyway, it might be fun for camping or traveling around. Sometimes we end up in areas where there are an impressive number of TV stations that are available.

And then there’s TV DX, which I’m looking forward to trying out. Atmospheric conditions are pretty great right now. In FM radio DX, Todderbert recently captured an FM station from Lethbridge, Alberta, which is 1,200+ miles from his home location. He also posted a tutorial video which may be worth a watch.

To me this is like fishing, but without the part where your ENFP daughter hates seeing fish suffer, and her cheeks are swelling up with tears. No, indeed it seems like the radio waves are happy to play along, and if anything suffers it’s probably going to be your hyper-social persona, when your I-got-no-radio next-door neighbor asks you what you’re planning for this weekend, just as you begin to inventory various radios and TVs from around your home.

(Did I just shoehorn The Vines? Yes I just shoehorned The Vines. Worth it)

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