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Keyback Cluster

Wednesday January 3, 2024

Find my way to keyback cluster
On my way to nearest home
Find my way to this, my universe
Toward my puddle in the stone
Find my face just blown away
Mouth agape, eyes blazing
The inferno looks right back at me
and points to keyback cluster
It shouts and screams and kicks and thrusts
Landed on a foreign, shore
Yet here we are, and here we’ll be
until I reorient my core—
So to speak—so to put it!
For surely some translation’s needed.
(There isn’t any way I’d risk another
little thing to block our lines.)
It’s getting late and while things are
starry, stories are told.
Men once me, no doubt
are sorry.
Plus there just aren’t many that I know
who must find their way back, and muster,
put due diligence into finding
their way to keyback cluster.

Filed in: Fi /34/ | Ni /42/ | Intuition /61/ | Feeling /64/

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