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Boring Diet Update, Late June 2019

Saturday June 29, 2019

So I woke up today and weighed myself. Again.

After three agonizing days wondering how I could possibly still weigh 203 lbs., my stars somehow aligned. Today the scale finally showed my magic milestone goal number of 201. Just to be sure, I stepped off, and on again, and same result. It’s happened before, this kind of illogical plateau thing, and it’s frustrating every time it happens.

But hey, goal reached! I celebrated by laughing at life and just picking at food today. Practically tickling, teasing my food. Ahahaha. I barely even need you! OK, I do need you. Just less than I thought I did.

That’s 11 lbs. lost so far.

I’m feeling like I’m finally getting in the groove with my weight loss here. The periodic mood swings from can to can’t and from awesome to oops are closing in tighter. This is what happens before I lose lots of weight; I remember this from years past.

Regardless though, my next goal is a conservative 199. I’m setting this one out about three weeks to July 20, because I’ll be vacationing. But sometimes the threat of vacation, or being on vacation and thinking “nah, I’ll probably just eat a lot and gain it back,” weirdly helps me lose weight, so I guess we’ll see how it goes.


I’ve been doing a ton of hiking. I’m averaging about 6 miles of hiking every day. This feels great and seems to support my diet goals well.

Other Exercise Plans

Exercise-wise, I’m also going to set a man-boob improvement goal of 40 push-ups a day this coming week (I can tell my bicep tendon which was injured in the past is still sensitive, so I’m not hitting the chest very hard lately), and a waist-helper goal of 25 leg lifts and 2×40-second planks. I got really good results from doing very slow negative-push-ups in the past, so I’ll try those again this time.

I’m also evaluating gym options with my wife, just to throw something new into the mix. I used to work out in gyms a lot but got out of the habit when I got into bodyweight exercise.

More of what’s helping

Blogging about this, even though I’m a rather severe introvert by nature, is really helpful. I can still feel the benign pressure to meet these goals and share my results. It’s good stuff.

Also, the short-run goals do seem to help: 2-3 pounds at a time, and over time it works out great.

Phew! Relieved to be able to post this today. More soon.

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