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For 2020

Thursday January 2, 2020

For 2020: What’s your new reality? What do you perceive it will be?

Perceptions are important. Many INTJs take a bath in their perceptions all day. It’s tough to avoid. They just come to you.

Now. Where do you perceive your new reality needs to go? Slightly different than the question above.

Still a perception question. But more creative.

Creation of beneficial new realities is important.

Next: Where will you take it? What new reality will you create? What do you want to create?

Might as well use that conceptualization gift. Are you creative—not in the hands-on sensory sense, but in the positive conceptualization sense?

And here you are thinking about the big picture; it’s a strength. An opportunity to think in broad terms, grandiose terms.

It’s OK to be grandiose; that might as well be a foundational activity for a big-picture thinker. For others, maybe not so much.

After all that: What seems possible to you?

Does anything not seem possible? Where do your perceptions draw a (grumpy?) line of no-further-possibility-of-growth?

Life is way, way too short to waste on anything less investigative and forward-thinking than such a question. So let’s poke at those grumpy perceptions a bit, let’s hold them responsible for something positive.

And, is life enjoyable right now? If not, what needs to change? Right now, even? Right this second?

We started this exercise with our perceptions, the things that naturally come to us. But then we put a little bit of work into it. Then some more work. (At least, I hope you did—if not, re-read, it won’t take long)

My hope for all my readers: Let’s build the space, set the boundaries, and allow ourselves be more idealistic as we head into this new decade. Let’s start again from that creative place, if needed, so we can envision an outcome that may sometimes seem so elusive. Things will get better,

because we designed them that way.

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