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Intuition Cues for Advanced Journaling (Updated)

Saturday June 12, 2021

Updated to add more, 2021-08

Here are some advanced journaling cues that I am experimenting with. So far these have been really helpful.

I have a script that pulls a random one of these into my journal while I’m journaling.

Please note that some of these reference concepts with which you may not be familiar. For example, permission (a Human Design concept), archetypes, the opposite self, or “summoning someone” which is really just an imagination exercise.

That’s part of the reason why I’m labeling this as advanced. Also, not everybody is ready to incorporate this type/depth of subjective intuition into their journaling process yet…please be patient with yourself as you learn how you journal best.

The Cues

  • What thing(s) do you feel the universe giving you permission to do right now?
  • What would a fake, or imaginary horoscope say about a day that’s gone like this day has?
  • What would the first fictional archetype that comes to mind (person) do with their day right now?
  • Where does your mind’s eye take you and what do you see & do there?
  • What words does this moment bring to mind?
  • Why does the universe need or want you to feel this way right now?
  • What would your opposite self be doing at this moment?
  • Describe a vehicle metaphor for your current energy levels. Motorcycle, carriage, tank, jet, etc. in depth.
  • What whispered words can you hear on the metaphorical wind at this moment?
  • A future-you comes by to comfort you in this moment. What do they say?
  • End-of-day you comes by and says the day turned out to be incredible, because you…
  • What fictional schedule would be both realistic and interesting right now?
  • Who appears when you summon someone to help you with your day?
  • Which interests do you feel permission to engage with right now?
  • What thoughts or groups of thoughts keep coming to you? What do you do with those?
  • Which animal comes to mind in this moment? What is its message?
  • What is your muse doing right now, whoever/whatever that is?
  • Which energy can you access right now? What IS working well?
  • What would your younger self say right now? What is your inner child feeling?
  • What does this day seem to make you feel about where your life is headed?
  • Successful corporate-you comes by. They work in a beautiful skyscraper office with huge windows. They are extremely successful, they feel great about life, but they are also very sympathetic. What advice do they offer?

I hope you find these cues helpful in your journaling practices.

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