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In Which We Get an RSS Feed

Friday April 26, 2019

Just to integrate into your systems a bit better, we now have an RSS feed. It’s in the sidebar. Thanks to C. for the nudge & kind blog feedback.

RSS Reader Applications

C. tells me he uses the Tiny Tiny RSS reader, which looks good, and seems relatively easy to set up on a LAMP server. Personally, I’m in this “back to traditional desktop apps” phase myself, so I’m using Liferea which also seems to “synchronize with” C’s Tiny Tiny RSS app.

I periodically export an OPML file (like a list of my RSS sources—blogs and things) to Dropbox so that it’s available on my phone or other devices if I want to try out a reader app there.

How do you even say that?

After using it for years, I still don’t know how to pronounce “Liferea” in any way that doesn’t sound like a symptom of a tropical disease. The FAQ contains this gem of an explanation, which left me with an even worse possible pronunciation:

“‘Liferea’ is the abbreviation for Linux Feed Reader. It doesn’t really matter how you pronounce it. I sounds pretty strange when trying to pronounce it like an English word so I’d suggest to pronounce it like a Latin word.”

Now here we have a psychology which resists the canonical. “It don’t matter, baby.” I personally can’t but cringe when I try the Latin version. “I’m using Leaf-eh-ray-uh, which is um…”

“Sounds like a Linux app with a website from 2006 or something?”


I’d prefer to pronounce it like “Life-ray,” which intuitively feels pretty cool as it personally gives me those happy Japanese mass-murder cult vibes in a cutesy sort of way.

But I’m guessing it’ll never come up in spoken conversation. And I mean, the app itself works fine.

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