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Monday May 4, 2020

OK, I’m glad this sub exists.

There, I said it.

But it also freaks me out just a bit, because it is straight up dangerous and chaotic in some hopefully-obvious ways. It puts the cart way before the horse.

And by “it,” I refer to the general mood there. “Hey man, I’ve done my homework on getting rest and sh*t. I just need Stack Advice.” Some of the commenters give really good advice, that’s true.

But I don’t think a lot of askers there really have done their homework. Many of them can barely even describe their problem! WTF is “Brain Fog,” anyway? (When does it happen? What activities are affected? What have you tried? What makes it worse? etc. I wish some of these people knew that a different schedule or plan or mode of thought could make a huge difference, potentially even more than the nootropics themselves.)

Well, what can I do. I hope to contribute more my own experiences over time. Probably more here than there.

And I know some of you readers are really polishing up your stack. And spending $$$ to do so. I’ve seen the photos and I did the math. Your cable bill is starting to get jealous!

My own experiments continue apace, but I have so many darn interests that the pace is slower than I’d like. It’s a generally wallet-friendly pace though, and I like that part very much.

I am also really new to AskDrugNerds but it seems pretty neat.

(Chemistry. Sigh. Will there ever be enough time to experience and learn and enjoy all this stuff?)

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