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Keeping Down Appearances

Friday May 17, 2019

Whenever my own psychology gives me the “ESFP squeeze” and I need to just let it all out, I worry that I’ll come off exactly like this:

Video: I FEEL SO ALIVE by Marc Rebillet

The only thing is, I also find Marc Rebillet entertaining, endearing, and precious. I absolutely cannot fault him for doing what he’s doing.

But still, personally—it’s hard. I guess I’ll push forward anyway. Analyze and alter as needed, as things progress…there’s not much else to do! I’m a servant of that same god, in a very sacred & important way.

And even Joey, man. I can appreciate that guy, deep down. Some day I want to do a food review, but he’s elevated it to a rather stunning—in the absolutely brutal and basic-energetic sense—art form. I work with people like this sometimes, and they just are who they are.

As compared to the INTJ’s “I’m somebody else, it’s this person I see in my mind; just wait and you’ll see.”

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