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Solid Penciling: Pilot Delful Double Knock Mechanical Pencil

Occasionally a product will express a need you didn’t know you had. This is a review of one of those products.

Here’s the need that the Delful Double Knock 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil showed me. I needed a pencil that was:

  1. Not super mechanical-looking; a softer design
  2. Friendly to my shirt pockets (retractable pointy parts)
  3. Comfortable to grip
  4. Extremely solid & durable-feeling
  5. This particular combination of blue and yellow.

I can’t really describe it well, but this is a very solid pencil. Solid, vibrant, and convenient. Even more than the Dr. Grip, it feels delicious in my hands.

The colors are a bonus. I might still grab the Green & Soft Blue version for, you know, a different lead hardness or something.

The ridiculous name (really, click that link) of this pencil breaks down as such:

  • “Pilot” is the brand name
  • “Delful” comes from “Deru-Furu”, the name of the two states this pen alters between (first click lowers (deru) the lead holder; then a shake (furu) will extend the lead).
  • “Double Knock” comes from the fact that you can also shake this pen to extend the lead, but you must make two “knocks” to make sure the pen knows you were really sure you wanted more lead, and weren’t just shaking the pencil randomly.

See? Isn’t that so cool? I love it.

Also, the packaging was neat.

If you enjoy using mechanical pencils, buy one. It’s unique and relatively inexpensive.

Disclaimer: I purchased this with a gift card that JetPens gave me in exchange for some blogging. But it’s good, healthy blogging. I’m not an office supply addict, I swear.

Give me more funds, JetPens. Do it.