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The Leisure Planet of Cabrilea

And its famous boredom cure

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Boredom-curing Links in Alphabetical order

Aeon β™Ί

Alfy Games β—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ™£

Bored Panda β—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ™Ίβ™Ίβ™Ί

Bored Button β—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ™Ί

Webcam Toy

Brain Pickings β—Žβ™Ίβ™Ί

Construct Games Showcase β—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ™£

Cool Math Games β—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ™£

Core77 β—Žβ—Žβ™Ί

Damn Interesting β—Žβ™ΊπŸ“–

Flight Radar 24

Foxy Games β—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ™£

GameJolt β—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ™£

Geo-FS Flight Simulator

HTML5 Games β—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ™£

Imgur - Fun and Interesting Images, Memes, and Things β—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ™Ίβ™Ίβ™Ί

Information Philosopher πŸ“–

IA: Free Audiobook Collection w/ Librivox Books β—Žβ—Žβ—ŽπŸ“–

Mental Floss β™ΊπŸ“–

Nautilus β™ΊπŸ“–

Neutronized Games β—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ™£

OneMoreLevel β—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ™£

Phys.org β™ΊπŸ“–

Project Gutenberg Free Ebook Collection β—Žβ—Žβ—ŽπŸ“–

Simmer.io WebGL Games β—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ™£

Sora News 24 β™ΊπŸ“–

Soylent News πŸ“–

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Random Page πŸ“–

The Onion β—Žβ™ΊπŸ“–

The Useless Web β—Žβ—ŽπŸ“–

The Useless Web Index πŸ“–

This is My Website Now β—Žβ—Ž

What Should I Read Next πŸ“–

Wikipedia: Random Article β—ŽπŸ“–

Wired πŸ“–

Y8.com Games β—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ™£

Yaks Games β—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ—Žβ™£

Legend has it, a man once found himself A) on vacation and B) extremely bored. β€œRidiculous,” he thought, and so he set about building this very list.

I hope you find my list of boredom-killers & boredom-killing websites helpful in finding life interesting or at least non-annoying once more. If you built one of the sites above, or help maintain it, I thank you.

--Marc Carson, www.friendlyskies.net


2022-07-09: Updated font styling; added new links.

2019-12-21: New graphics, new links.

2019-12-19: More updates.

2019-12-18: Started this list as a way of injecting more enjoyment into life, realizing I need more circles in my to-do list.