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Solid Penciling: Pilot Delful Double Knock Mechanical Pencil

…pen alters between (first click lowers (deru) the lead holder; then a shake (furu) will extend the lead). …

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Uni-Ball 2mm Lead Sharpener Review

…like the Staedtler Silver Series or other 2mm lead holders. The thing that really impressed me about this …

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A Drawing Classic: Staedler Mars Technico Lead Holder 780 C Review

…around for a long time. However, I’m using lead holders more these days, so I thought I’d give it … a review here. You can learn more about lead holders and my interest in them here on the site. For a … lead holder that costs about $8-10 USD, I think this is about … the contrary, having a sharpener built into the lead holder body is more important to me than having an … probably appreciate it. One word on technique: A lead holder like this is meant to be rotated manually as you …

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Review: Staedtler Silver Series 2 mm Lead Holder

…I really enjoy writing with lead holders, which are a different breed of pencil from what … you may be used to. A lead holder is typically meant to hold a single, thick piece … Staedtler is a bit different from the traditional lead holder. Instead of using the typical gravity-release, it … in the cap. The cheaper Staedtler Mars Technico lead holder has this feature, and I really like it. I … have that feature. To sum up, if your lead holder kit is missing a push-to-advance lead holder, I …

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A $30 Pencil: e+m Workbox 5.5 mm Clutch Lead Holder + Sharpener Review

…world? It means a pencil device that is just a lead holder. You push a button on the back of the pencil, and … it is an industrial product. The roots of the lead holder are on the drafting board or in the workshop. … to the standard pencil. I am really kind of into lead holders right now. They’re cool. Have you been to … check out the wicked variety of neat little lead holders there. Here’s what annoys me about the e+m … recommend trying out one of e+m’s 5.5mm lead holders if you’re at all interested in cool …

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