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All of the fun random things

Here are some fun little things I made:

How will I be fired? — Tries to predict how you will lose your job. Careful!

Random Inspirational Quote Creator (truly random, as in…made up)

Slang word creator — Generate slang words. Also great for party games like “draw this word”.

Japanese pen and pencil product name generator — As sold by JetPens.

And finally, the 85 Dollar Computer Science Book Title Generator.

Why make these? They’re built on a random number generator, but in English, the word “random” doesn’t really explain what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to create little programs that create a caricature of reality.

When I draw a caricature by hand, I may overemphasize some characteristics to emphasize a specific funny or ridiculous aspect of the subject.

Same thing with these little random apps. The idea is, this is not the real thing. But there’s a pattern behind the real thing that is sort of silly.