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Taking The Train: Some Questions About Driverless Cars

Let’s think for a minute about driving, in the future.

In a road full of driverless cars, will self-drivers become annoying?

If driverless cars can cooperate to manage traffic levels, will self-drivers be welcome on the freeway?

Will it cost extra to self-drive when most of the people are driving in traffic-managing driveless cars?

How much extra will self-driving cost?

Will self-driving become a niche hobby?

What features will be popular inside driverless cars?

  • Drivers seats that can turn to face the back row?
  • Game tables?
  • Beds?
  • Bathroom facilities?

Who will be willing to pay for these things?

Will it be necessary to own a driverless car?

Will it be preferable to own a driverless car?

Will the size of driverless cars be affected by the fact that they are driverless?

Will it be more expensive to commute to work in a driverless car with more seating capacity?

If roads are safer when most cars go driverless, what is the smallest driverless car that will still be considered safe?

Will emergency vehicles still need loud sirens, if driverless cars automatically cooperate to make space?

Will hackers find a way to manipulate freeway traffic? In a way that makes them some money?

If you’re wondering why I ask, let me show you some old news:

Just a really safe driverless car that’s already on the road.

That’s all.