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Some of Steinbrueck's Early Space Needle Designs

I love these elevator designs for the Seattle Space Needle! So abstract and bold. The one below would match Iron Man pretty well.

From the UW Libraries’ digital collection of Victor Steinbrueck’s designs:

I’d like to see that design exist somewhere. It makes the current space needle look a bit awkward.

Disagreement Regarding Saucers

The final design for the “saucer” was carried out by a different architect. Steinbrueck wrote that when they arrived at the question of the top “saucer” area, the architect who hired him (Graham) wanted him to design something he wasn’t willing to design.

What the boss wanted was the design shown below (drawn by a different architect).

No wonder. That’s a pretty weak saucer compared to the original design (and we’re stuck with it). The rendering is great though, and just as well executed as the rest.