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Music for Programming, 2012 Edition

Top music for programming this year:

  1. None at all. I’m giving that a try, seeing where it goes. I know that my worst year of programming was fueled by tons of music.
  2. “Tesla’s Lab”, part of the AmbiScience Brain Power app (also on Android). This is related to #1 above, because it’s really a sort of audio texture, not really music.
  3. Kyrie by Mr. Mister. This was just for one project where I had a client who I knew LOVED this song and I needed to get into her brain while I worked. I listened to it for about a week straight, and it did the trick.

As you can tell, these aren’t my normal music listening habits. But I’m finding that I have to listen to music more intentionally lately, because I like the sound of nothing just as much.

Want to listen to, but haven’t yet:


Previous years

Various pieces by Workbench (name comes from Amiga Workbench, which is cool)

Chinese Radio by Puff Dragon

Other music by Chromaticus

(Nothing wrong with those, they’re just not in rotation right now)