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Greetings everyone—a quick update: I replaced the previous set of defunct podcasts with links to amateur radio podcasts which are still publishing content. I also scanned for broken links using linkchecker and found none. Thanks for stopping by.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I have added some Time and Date resources and a Quick Ham Listener guide, for those who are, like me, often wandering around listening to things in the out of doors, and forgetting key frequency ranges.


Thanks to LCARS and other sites for bookmarking this page. I will continue to update it as I come across new and helpful resources.


I finally passed the Extra exam. It was a lot of work but I'm glad to have that behind me so that I can dive deep into the hobby when I have the time. I have been reading about Tropospheric Ducting and Hepburn maps lately and find it fascinating.


I passed the exams, except Amateur Extra. I'll be back to take it this month. :) I'm glad to be an official ham operator now, and had my first successful transmission yesterday. I tried to check into the local net but no one was hearing me. I had programmed in the repeater via Chirp, and noticed that the settings were all off--the wrong CTCSS tone, the wrong offset, etc. Even worse, I couldn't modify the settings in memory; they wouldn't stick. After the net I switched into manual frequency entry mode, dialed everything in, and was talking to local hams immediately. I never anticipated how exciting it would feel. That was really cool.

I also just heard about SARA via the Ham Radio 360 Podcast and am interested in learning more.