“When you're short of everything but the enemy, you're in combat.”

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Fighting Green Dudes!

Rules for Toy Soldier Combat

Licensed CC-BY-SA (Attribution is required and a link back to this page is requested if you wish to redistribute these rules), by Marc Carson, www.friendlyskies.net – last updated 2018-11-10

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These rules for Toy Soldier combat are designed to enable quick play at Version 1, and more complex play in Versions 2 and 3.

Materials Needed: Toy soldiers and one six-sided die. Any die from a board game you own will work. A dice-roller smartphone app will also work, as will random.org’s dice roller.

General Principles:

Version 1. Dead-simple Blaster Rules (BR1)

Version 2. Dead-simple Blaster Rules + Officer & Sergeant Mod + Customization Options (R1OS)

Version 3. General Fighting Green Dudes Rules (FGDR) Full Suite! ALL Rules and Customization Options Above + Terrain and Cover + Charisma + Vehicles + Critical Fail Rules!

More rules, mods, and options coming soon.

Other—temporary stuff

Work in Progress Notes 1 (Options)

Next turn skip ends once opponent is dead.

2 1s in a row is fog of war. Move to next pair of soldiers.

Only misses and gives away turn/position on a 1.

You can only have one of these per three soldiers. You can get one more that is a CHOICE of accuracy or protection, not both advantages.

Winner green guy takes initiative on next turn if it will be their turn next, like if they're the only player left. Mark him with something like a white dot or stripe.

Work In Progress Notes 2

----NOPE keep engagement----If both players miss, go to next engagement, swapping initiative.

Airplane: 1,1 or 2,2 shoots down. Airplane targets group of 3 max and gets them all with a 5 or 6.

Tank gets group of 2 max.


Other morale possible rule:

or 2) Radio man is taken out for next turn, can't call any strikes bc they

are calling in HQ to let them know.

-Space Exploration Game in Progress-

-Commando One Man Army Rules in Progress-

You must switch attacks / weapons with every turn.

You cannot be killed but you can be delayed OR the enemy can escape!

Other other other:

Officer picks charisma or wisdom.

When high charisma officer is shot, immediate vicinity troops get berserker shots.

When high wisdom officer is shot...?