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Ham Radio Nets & Net Scripts

Mendocino & All Parts Beyond Swap Net

QST, QST, QST. This is <call sign>, my name is <name> and I will be net control this evening for the Mendocino County and all parts beyond swap net. The purpose of this net is to move along your unwanted, unused and unloved amateur radio and computer gear to those that can use it. All items listed today will also be put up on the WARS website which can be found at, so if you miss a listing here you can always go and find it there. Before we get going I would like to take a listen for any priority or emergency traffic. Break.

We will start the net by listing all the items that are currently on the WARS website.

<Read off listings and contact information, ask if there are any breaks for listings>

This is <call sign> and this is the Mendocino County and all parts beyond swap net. Now I'll take listings or wants.

<Take listings and wants, repeating back the listing and contact information, then ask if there are any breaks. Repeat until the listings/wants run out>

Now I'll take check ins. Any stations out there listening that would like to check in please come now.

<Take check ins until they peter out>

I'd like to thank everyone for being here. I'd also like to thanks Greg, WA6RQX for the use of this linked repeater system. This is <call sign> and the Mendocino County and all parts beyond swap net is now closed.

Note: Don't forget to keep track of the number of check ins and report that to the MCARCS net and to send Joyce a copy of the listing.