“beee beeep ah I give up”

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Marc’s Morse Code Framework

Let’s Learn to Use It


Morse Translator by SC Phillips


LCWO Learn CW Online – Community and Lesson Generator

Desktop Software: Just Learn Morse Code (Windows & WINE)

ARRL Morse Code Learning Links

Advice from here:

  1. Go to the LCWO website [above], create an account, and start learning CW online.

  2. The moment you know all of the characters, either call a friend and get on the air, or sign up for FISTS’ Code Buddy program [alternate] [research this].

  3. Practice and have fun–speed and comprehension wil come naturally

More tips in this article


Can you learn CW over e.g. echolink?

How else to learn through practice with others?


Write software to play specific phrases at random timings 10-30 wpm?

CQ CQ CQ etc.

Hi Marc

End with “now please repeat”

The quick brown fox?

Web app?