Sleepy time.

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Some Napping & Sleeping Tips and Links

How to get to sleep, faster.

Meditation & Visualization Techniques

Not everyone benefits from using the imagination to fall asleep, but some of us do. Here are some techniques that can help you use the imagination to find yourself falling asleep faster.

The MemoryDo Technique

Think back to a time in your past when life was really looking up. Then, imagine yourself making even better life choices from that point on. How could things have been even more fun? Interesting? Profitable? Wise? See past-you doing those things. (Later, think about helping current-you do similar things; chances are those things seem like good ideas now for a reason)

Marc’s WE SLEEP Technique

Walk through the following steps to establish a calming, therapeutic place to imagine as a way of helping yourself fall asleep faster.

1. WE: Weather & Environment. Think of a place that makes you feel tranquil and calm. Is it cloudy? Rainy? Are there other people around, or is it just you? What’s the temperature like? Is it in the city, or out closer to nature? What year is it—long ago, a few years ago, now, or in the future?

2. SLE: Senses, Lookaround, and Enjoyment. In this imagined place, what kind of calming sights, smells, sounds are coming to you right now? What can you touch? What can you taste?

Next, Look all the way around this location in your mind’s eye, taking note of little details. For example, if you’re in a house, what can you see nearby? Perhaps you see a shelf with some books on it. What are the books about?

Then, imagine yourself doing something that seems Enjoyable in this location. Laying down on the couch, maybe. Or watching a favorite movie, or playing a favorite video game.

3. EP: Embrace and Plan. Allow yourself to say, “I really like this place.” Feel the emotional uplift from being there in your imagination.

Finally, make a Plan for what you’ll do while you’re there, and walk through each step of the plan. For example, maybe you’ll play a favorite video game, then get a slice of cake and read in the window seat, then go for a walk on a nature trail outside. Be sure to take time to see yourself doing these activities. Try actually reading the book, for example—you may be surprised to find that your imagination comes up with words in the book!

The Movie Mod Technique

Think of a type of movie you like. Examples: Movies about travel to new destinations, or spy movies, or romantic dramas. Imagine yourself in a movie like that. What happens? Play out each scene in your imagination. Be sure to take time to “design” all the sets. Place objects and people that improve the scene or make it more interesting to you.