“I couldn’t ask for another” –Dee-lite

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Marc’s Calculator Collection

General Notes

I enjoy collecting calculators. My favorite calculator brand is Casio.

In the future I’d like to try out Canon, Sharp, HP, and more TI calculators.

The Meaning of this Hobby?

In terms of symbolic metaphor, analyzed in the Jungian style: The calculator hobby can convey an ability to calculate; my own experience suggests continued use of this gift for more positive outcomes in life. I am exploring this and trying to take the hint from my unconscious side by using calculations and numbers to make more objective decisions. :-) Who knows where this interest will take me? Beyond just collecting actual calculators, that’s part of the fun of this hobby.

History and Updates

2018-12-07: First version of this page published.

TO-DO: Take photos. Always enable num-lock on my computer keypad. Add a section here on computer calculator software.


Calculators are sorted by manufacturer. Bolded models are my favorites.

Casio Calculators

Texas Instruments Calculators

Staples Calculators

Other Generic Calculators