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Marc’s FreeBASIC Framework

Learning to use it and make the best of it…

Install & Configure

Installation and basic configuration is easy:

  1. Download the x86-64 gzipped tarball from SF.net (be careful it’s not just x86!)

  2. Unzip

  3. Follow instructions for Linux in readme.txt

  4. Install additional packages as indicated.

  5. In Geany, start a test.bas file. Hit F8 at any time to compile.

  6. In a terminal, run ./test.bas and you’re good.


Include your own files:

#INCLUDE "teststuff.inc"


Basic Programming Query at Internet Archive

Basic Programming Magazine query at Internet Archive

FreeBasic Wiki Manual and Full index

Lampiweb FreeBasic Manual Online



FreeBASIC blog with tutorials

Pete’s QBASIC / QuickBasic Site

FreeBASIC GTK Tutorial

Github: Example text editor and more code in the same repo.

Pete’s Mouse Tutorial

Local Projects

Projects are located in ~/Dropbox/Marc/Apps/FreeBasic/

Specific Topics

Screen Modes at DE Portal

Forum Threads of Note

Some String Functions

Use fonts in SDL

FBImage Library

Ongoing Questions

Favorite stuff to do.

  1. Write little simulators

  2. Write productivity software

  3. Write the kind of text file browser I’d like to have/use.

  4. Write my own simple GUI library?

Ideas for Future Projects